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Pakistan’s Spirit of Giving: Social Media and Its’ Supporting Role

By: Wajeeha Zameer Pakistani nation is one of the most charitable nations in the world For a nation notoriously known for breaking laws, there is one law that Pakistanis maintain rather they implement and follow as notoriously as they break the signal. The law is known as the Law of Generosity. Pakistanis are the most charitable nation in the world, known for their charitable nature, as the word of lockdown,

Personal integration in isolation

- Tabisch Aliem What more do we need when all our needs have been met? A question like that shouldn’t feel out of place in a world where most of our life-space is defined by consumerism. And the idea of consumerism gets interesting, even a little special when you look at it in the context of the present social isolation everyone’s experiencing. When someone says consumption what it immediately makes you

The lockdown in Kashmir replicates in whole India leaving 1.3 billion Indians locked down

Coronavirus lockdowns will indeed make the global community realize of the sufferings of Kashmiris and result in their dream of freedom In the background of deadly Coronavirus which has claimed more than 65,000 lives and effected more than a million people with 200 plus countries in its radar list, the whole world and its major cities have gone into the lockdown mode. All businesses are shut and people are

Dear Indian Media, stop scapegoating Muslims and Tableeghi Jamaat through scholars and journalists like Ayesha Siddiqua and Bismee Taskin…

By turning the global pandemic into a communal one, RSS inspired Indian state uses its media outlets to propagate hatred against Muslim community From the desk of Editor-in-Chief - Dr. Umair Haroon South Asia is expected to become a hotspot for COVID-19 as the region contains one fourth of the world’s population. India and Pakistan are the two historic arch rivals of the region with grave ideological and

Reshaping Education in Times of Pandemic

Amidst fear and anxiety, COVID-19 could possibly be a ray of hope for a depilated education system. By: Wajeeha Zameer Seventy odd years into its inception, and Pakistan has to date been successful in resisting change in its education system. A system riddled by education policies influenced by politics, military and religion, a system crushed into submission by the need of private schooling developed due to a


By: Tehsin Shah The budgerigar parrots are one of the most lovable multi-colored birds of the avian family. Perhaps the most widely kept birds that humans have domesticated. I am lucky to have two such beautiful pairs at home and it surely is a treat watching them each morning chirping in their own distinct language. But we all know that this particular species of birds is the most difficult to befriend. Probably

Dear Trump! Get your own house in order first

When the whole world especially United States is facing the threat of Coronavirus, President Trump proves himself to be an irresponsible statesman As the coronavirus pandemic has crippled the global economies and healthcare systems worldwide with United States of America as the most effected country, its President Donald Trump has threatened Iran for an attack and make the country to pay a heavy price if any

Jammu & Kashmir, another Palestine?

By: Syed Jazib Shamim In another act of blatant violation of human rights, Indian government introduces domicile law in Kashmir replicating Israeli model of illegal occupation in Palestine The fascist Indian regime led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced a new set of laws for Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir which are a replica of Israeli model of altering demographics in the occupied areas.

The number-game of ventilators: Most developed European countries facing pandemic catastrophe

- Dr. Shaista Lodhi USA, UK, Italy and France face serious shortage of ventilators and their medical systems are on verge of collapse Ventilators have become an imperative and most demanded tool to fight Coronavirus as the patient would ultimately need a ventilator support if his/her lungs stop functioning due to the virus. A ventilator is a mechanical machine that is used to provide respiratory support to

Lockdown flares up domestic violence worldwide

By: Ayesha Qazizada Globally as the cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day, the number of cases of domestic violence causing sabotage too. The locked down is creating the most ugly colors on the canvas of earth “The more people are being caged and have nothing to do, higher they are becoming brutal” The act of attempting physical abuse to your other half has not considered sensible in any way. People