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With our sporting grounds deserted, Sporting sector suffers multi-billion dollars loss due to COVID-19

- Abdullah Waseem As the global pandemic COVID-19 hits every sector of life, the field of sports are also worryingly impacted. Major sporting events, tournaments and leagues are postponed or cancelled in the wake of Coronavirus. The biggest sporting event which has been postponed is the Tokyo Olympics 2020 which was scheduled to be held in July in Japan. Olympics is world’s largest sporting event and thousands


Ayesha Qazizada describes ten best books to read during the quarantine period. In this torpor time of quarantine, social distancing feels like been caged into some dungeon of negative vibes all around.  You want to go out but locked up in your room, want to study but cannot concentrate.  In the struggling days of self-isolation and ugly situation of no social intercourse, the only content and positivity you can

Repercussions of marginalizing Indian Muslims will haunt the dream of Akhand Bharat as there may be no “Bharat” left to make it “Akhand…

- Dr. Umair Haroon After being thrown out from the national and state politics, Raaj Thaackery makes a desperate attempt of political point scoring by targeting Tableeghi Jamaat Indian politics has remained unpredictable as ever. From the hegemony of Gandhi family to the emergence of Aam Aadmi Party, the game of politics has seen many ups and downs. Indian voters have shown mixed and unbalanced trends since

What our celebrities give thought to do in this Quarantine

Lets have a look on what our celebrities are doing amid self-isolation. SARWAT GILANI In these days of self-isolation and social distancing, our renowned Pakistani artist Sarwat Gilani is doing a great initiative now a days on Instagram, by sharing her most productive routine to bear the locked down. She is contributing her best to engage people in these depressing days of non-productivity and boredom.


Listen dear Lockdown, you do not hold the power to break me down, no matter what you do…. Can we comprehend how vast this universe is? If my dear readers are of the notion that the sun is the biggest star we have ever witnessed, they are in for a surprising treat of knowledge. In the observable universe (which is a minute version of the colossal universe scientists have been able to discover so far), there exists


- Ali Asghar Corona Virus aka COVID-19 is trending from east – west & north – south. Everyone has their own perspective which is respectable. Everyone is coming up with their own theory and logic with math behind it (at least some). Some says it’s a rival war between former and new trade king whereas some inside are it’s a campaign against Muslim someone thought it as a punishment from god where as some said

Pakistan’s Spirit of Giving: Social Media and Its’ Supporting Role

By: Wajeeha Zameer Pakistani nation is one of the most charitable nations in the world For a nation notoriously known for breaking laws, there is one law that Pakistanis maintain rather they implement and follow as notoriously as they break the signal. The law is known as the Law of Generosity. Pakistanis are the most charitable nation in the world, known for their charitable nature, as the word of lockdown,

Personal integration in isolation

- Tabisch Aliem What more do we need when all our needs have been met? A question like that shouldn’t feel out of place in a world where most of our life-space is defined by consumerism. And the idea of consumerism gets interesting, even a little special when you look at it in the context of the present social isolation everyone’s experiencing. When someone says consumption what it immediately makes you

The lockdown in Kashmir replicates in whole India leaving 1.3 billion Indians locked down

Coronavirus lockdowns will indeed make the global community realize of the sufferings of Kashmiris and result in their dream of freedom In the background of deadly Coronavirus which has claimed more than 65,000 lives and effected more than a million people with 200 plus countries in its radar list, the whole world and its major cities have gone into the lockdown mode. All businesses are shut and people are

Dear Indian Media, stop scapegoating Muslims and Tableeghi Jamaat through scholars and journalists like Ayesha Siddiqua and Bismee Taskin…

By turning the global pandemic into a communal one, RSS inspired Indian state uses its media outlets to propagate hatred against Muslim community From the desk of Editor-in-Chief - Dr. Umair Haroon South Asia is expected to become a hotspot for COVID-19 as the region contains one fourth of the world’s population. India and Pakistan are the two historic arch rivals of the region with grave ideological and