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Online Education in Pakistan, universities in a fix

Universities adopting online education must be commended for striving hard to revive the process of education In a time when the whole world is facing closure of businesses, trade and almost every sector, education sector is one of the most to get effected. Western countries and top universities of the world have shifted towards online system while the universities and other academic institutions of the third

Conspiracy theories against China over COVID-19, Pakistan stands firmly with China

Coronavirus is going viral day by day. More than 33,000 causalities have occurred globally and the tally of recorded confirmed cases is about to reach one million mark which is currently at around 723,000 in 200 countries. - Dr. Umair Haroon A global race is on to better understand the novel coronavirus. Scientists and virologists around the world have been racing against the clock to develop a vaccine or

Psychological implications of quarantine on people.

By: Shalom Adam On November 17, 2019 the first confirmed case of covid-19 appeared in China. The Chinese government chose to keep the entire situation as silent as they could. Little did they know that one case would soon become the worldwide pandemic that would soon birth terror into the hearts of all those who would be forced into isolation to stay clear of the virus that roams the very streets they had walked

Disease and society’s evolution

By: Tabisch Aliem History never moves without illnesses having a place in it. It’s surprising how much illnesses are a key component of how society has shaped itself into its present day version. Looking back into humanity’s past you’d find disease is the one big factor, no doubt besides war, to most indelibly change the course of human events. With whole Pakistani cities locked down like most of the world

Now, It’s payback time

By: Hunaid Lakhani The world is at a crossroads, we are facing an unprecedented pandemic COVID-19 that has affected 198 countries with more than 500,000 cases with around 25,000 deaths worldwide. Our country Pakistan has also been a victim of COVID-19 pandemic with more than 1000 cases up till now. Federal government alongside provincial governments have imposed lock-downs in order to curtail the outspread of the

Big Changes

By: Tabisch Aliem It’s not easy to stay confined to your home day in and day out especially when no one’s sure how long you would have to be. You understand that it’s much safer if you stay that way still it’s not the best way to be sure about the future. The world is definitely not a safe place to be born in, yet it probably is the best place to realize the most important lessons of life. So this

Living with Plants

By: Sana Khan The quality of life changes when you bring about healthy changes in your livings. I experienced this change since I started indoor plantation. You do not have to be an environmental psychologist to understand that plant looks attractive. But besides attraction, one must dig deeper to search out the health benefits of indoor plantation. Let me take you on an informational ride to highlight the health

Celebs reach out to the needy in the wake of coronavirus pandemic

In the wake of coronavirus outbreak, celebrities lend a helping hand to the fellow countrymen in need. Maya Ali took to Instagram to announce that she will be distributing ration bags among the needy as government imposes lockdown. In a post, she writes: "This is the first batch of ration bags which has just arrived. It’s the right time when we should play our own part and shouldn’t wait for others to come and

‘Shaadi karwao iski’- a catchphrase adding to the ills of the society

By: Saad Ahmed A girl is born, after all the prayers for a boy, a girl is born. After the wishes of someone to ‘preserve and continue’ family name, a lamb for the social norms to slaughter, a girl is born. And so it begins - the race to fulfill the idiotic notion that the girls belong to some other house. The thought itself is as absurd as it can get, on one hand, our religion classifies girls as ‘a

Kashmiri Leader Omar Abdullah released after spending almost eight months in detention

Srinagar: Omar Abdullah, the former chief minister of Indian-occupied Kashmir has been released after spending 232 days in detention since the government announced abrogation of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. The government has ordered for the revocation of the detention order of former J&K chief minister who was in custody under the notorious Public Safety Act (PSA) which allows detention without