“Our resolve – education for a better tomorrow.” ~ Hunaid Lakhani

(Renowned educationist, politician, philanthropist)

The patron-in-chief of Voice of Sindh, Hunaid Lakhani is the founding chancellor of Pakistan’s one of the leading educational institutes, Iqra University, which has more than 30,000 enrolled in its seven campuses.


He is an Alumni of Harvard Business School and National Defence University. He is also Chairman of The Academy Education Network that has fourteen branches all across Karachi in which over 6000 students are enrolled.


Hunaid Lakhani has made significant contributions to the social sector as well. He founded Sweet Home Foundation in 1999, where mentally challenged and orphaned children are provided educational and health facilities.  Hunaid Lakhani is now also the board member of Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal.


Under ‘Voice of Sindh’, he strives to provide a platform to the citizens of Pakistan that can provide them with the knowledge and awareness about the ideology of Pakistan and also encourage them to trace the path that leads to the country’s welfare and progress.