Wednesday, May 29, 2024

About VOS

Voice of Sindh is an initiative designed to uncover the untold stories of Sindh. It aims to preserve and promote the diverse culture, heritage, history and traditions that make Sindh the bastion of pluralism and progress.
Voice of Sindh also provides a platform to the youth of Pakistan where they can discover their maximum potential and utilize it to the fullest of their capacity to carve their own niche. Alongside providing opportunities, this project opts an instructive approach to ensure ideological clarity among the young generations, equipping them with the best of knowledge about their origins and the native land – in order to enable them to contribute fully to the betterment of the society.
Under the umbrella of “Voice of Sindh”, different informative as well as entertaining programs have been sketched out that not only help the youth voice their opinions and concerns but also facilitate them to reach out to each other and unite for intellectual and social development.