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Govt establishes ‘Digital Media Wing’ to propagate truth, spread Pakistan’s narrative

The federal government has taken a major step to promote national narrative and counter anti-state propaganda by establishing a digital media wing under the administration of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Pakistan has stepped up for strengthening the national narrative on the international level and a digital media wing under the administration of the information ministry. After getting the

Aware of nefarious Indian intentions against Afghan peace process: PM Imran

Prime Minis­ter Imran Khan has said that peace in Afghanistan will help promote trade and economic activities in the region, though Islamabad has concerns that India, in order to destabilise Pakistan, can use Afghan land. PM Imran regretted the 40-year-old conflict in Afghanistan and stressed that Pakistan was the second-most affected country “especially in the last 18 years”. “The past serves only one

Voice of Sindh, CPLC hold joint seminar on cyber security

Voice of Sindh, under its Youth Mobilization Campaign (YMC) organized a one-day workshop/seminar on ‘Cyber Security’ in collaboration with Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC-Karachi) at Jinnah Sindh Medical University Karachi (JSMU) on Tuesday. The workshop/seminar was aimed at spreading public awareness regarding Cyber Security issues and fifth generation and Information warfare threats faced by

Saudi Arabia condemns blasphemous caricatures

Saudi Arabia condemned blasphemous caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and any attempts to link Islam with terrorism but did not echo calls by other Muslim states for action against cartoons being displayed in France, here on Tuesday. According to a statement issued by the foreign ministry official, the Gulf state condemns all acts of terrorism, in an apparent reference to the beheading of a teacher in Paris

History, facts and outcomes of illegal Indian annexation of Kashmir in 1947

Kashmir – a seemingly never ending conflict due to obstinacy, ignorance and disdain of India towards the issue, that resulted in the conflict to arise to begin with back in 1947. The annexation of Kashmir is essentially an unaddressed aspect of the 1947 partition of India by the British. Maharaja Hari Singh, and the Dogra Rule British rule in the Indian subcontinent ended in 1947 with the creation of new

Young Science writer from Pakistan selected for Berlin Science Week Journalist Grant

Some young enthusiasts in Pakistan are working tirelessly to change the narrative and introducing a new field like science journalism in Pakistan with journalistic ethics. This young team is led by Saadeqa Khan, an intelligent and talented science journalist from Quetta who has been writing scientific articles on various media outlets and websites for more than three years and is also the author of three science

Jane Austen’s adorable world: Plot Analysis of Pride and Prejudice

“I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.” ― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice This is a masterpiece in front of us. A novel which, despite its small canvas, conquered the hearts of the readers globally. A true winner due to which, Jane Austen is considered as the second most popular and admired writer in English literature after Shakespeare. Though we can’t compare her work with

‘Look at India, its filthy’ remarked US President Donald Trump as the world’s largest democracy suffocates due to air pollution, climate…

US President Donald Trump on Friday, lambasted India for its high pollution indicators and worsening air pollution and other climate change factors. In a statement United States President Donald Trump during the final presidential debate against rival Democratic Presidential Candidate and formal US Vice-President Joe Biden, lambasted several country for their worsening climate and weather conditions due to

Pakistan prepares a mobile app for parents of differently-abled children

The Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE), Ministry of Human Rights, has prepared a Mobile App for the parents of Differently Abled Children with the technical support of National Information Technology Board (NITB). The app will create awareness among the masses about the education, training and rehabilitation services available for children with different abilities in the Special Education Centers /

Fact Check: India continues malicious propaganda, FO rubbishes news of KSA voting against Pakistan in FATF

In an attempt to undermine Pakistan and Saudi Arabia's ties, anti-state elements circulated rumors on social media platforms on Thursday that Saudi Arabia has voted against Pakistan in the meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), creating widespread alarm among the people. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected the news terming it as baseless. “Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy strong fraternal ties