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Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) conference and Regional Economic Security Architecture in Dushanbe

Usman Khan Aurakzai The 21st meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State  held in Tajikistan's Dushanbe on September 17. The meeting was chaired by Tajikistan's President Emomali Rahmon.SCO is an intergovernmental organization founded in Shanghai. The SCO currently comprises eight Member States: China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, four Observer States interested in

Pakistan’s First Ever NFT Fundraiser: Over 2 Million Raised for water accessibility by Tayyaba org.

Tayaba Organization, a non-profit based in Pakistan has launched and auctioned a limited collection of NFTs primarily to raise much-needed awareness for its water accessibility initiative. Tayaba through this step has become the first Pakistani NGO and one of the first globally to implement the innovative block chain-based NFT technology for fundraising purposes in the charity sector. This represents a unique and

Fall of Afghanistan’s impact, future of Pak-China-Taliban relations in region

Impact of the fall of Afghanistan and future of Pakistan-China and Taliban relations in the region. The rapid collapse of Afghan government forces and the rise of the Taliban shocked Europe and sparked an intense debate about the impact on European politics. While the United States was the driving force in adopting the Western strategy of intervention in Afghanistan, several European countries invested heavily in

Syed Ali Geelani: The resistance lives on

An icon of disputed Kashmir’s resistance against Indian rule and a top separatist leader who became the emblem of the region’s defiance against New Delhi, Syed Ali Geelani died late Wednesday. He was 92. Syed Ali Geelani was born on September 29, 1929 in a village on the banks of Wular lake in the Sopore area of Kashmir's Baramulla district, according to Anadolu Agency. He remained a staunch opponent of

Hindu temple attack case: SC wants riverine area in Rahim Yar Khan cleared of dacoits

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court issued on Friday an order to clear the Katcha area in Rahim Yar Khan of dacoits during a hearing of the suo motu case on the attack at a Hindu temple in Rahim Yar Khan last week. Last week, over a dozen men, armed with sticks, had vandalised a Hindu temple in Rahim Yar Khan, shouting slogans and desecrating idols in the place of worship. The video clip of the incident went viral

Durdana Butt: A new beginning

I studied where my mom taught, I studied in the elitist Beaconhouse School. A lesser-known branch of the massive and widespread institution in the suburbs of Karachi, a housing colony dedicated to Pakistan Steel Mills employees who wanted their children to get quality education was made by Russian architects and engineers in collaboration with Pakistani’s. My mother told me fondly when in my youth I was taken

Suspect killed MPA Asad Khokhar’s brother for ‘ghosting’ him: police sources

LAHORE: The key suspect, Nazim, in the murder case of MPA Asad Khokhar’s brother Malik Mubashar, killed the victim for "avoiding him" after the suspect was granted bail in a murder case, sources in the police said Monday. During initial interrogation, Nazim had confessed to killing Malik Mubashar out of revenge, saying that the MPA’s brother was allegedly involved in the murders of his brother and uncle.

The ‘Blood-Soaked’ Afghan Quagmire

The Afghan conflict has come to a point where there is a gruesome concern for the future it stores. The United States will leave by the end of August as announced in the deal brokered by Washington bringing the warring parties, the Taliban and Afghan government on a table in a move aimed to resolve infighting and thus seeking the Taliban to ensure that the Afghan soil not to be used against the US or its allies

Pakistan And Its Journalistic ‘Woes’

Journalism has always been the passion that I shall carry till my last breathing. Was into reading newspapers when I was a kid, thanks to my father for letting me understand the current affairs in the time when children usually tend to indulge in playing sports or any recreational stuff. Before the advent of private channels, I was in the process of dissecting related developments while watching State-owned


Eid ul Adha is an event celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It honours the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail (AS) as an act of obedience to God’s command but before Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) could sacrifice his son, Allah provided a lamb to be sacrificed instead and in remembrance of this occasion Muslims all over the world sacrifice goats, cows and camels. In the Islamic lunar