162 healthcare workers affected by COVID-19 within 24 hours in Punjab

An alarming 162 healthcare professionals are reported to have been affected from COVID-19 coronavirus within the last 24 hours in Punjab.

The daily situation report of the Punjab government indicates that the number of affected healthcare workers in the province has reached 562 after 162 healthcare professionals were tested positive for the novel virus within the last 24 hours alone.

A total of 2,831 healthcare workers have been screened for the virus so far, of which 19.8 per cent tests have come back positive.

Furthermore, according to the statistics provided by federal government, three  healthcare workers have died due to coronavirus in Punjab, nine in Sindh, five in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one in Islamabad, two in Gilgit Baltistan and three in Balochistan.

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However, Young Doctors Association (YDA) has rejected governmental figures, claiming that  Punjab alone has recorded ten healthcare workers’ deaths including eight doctors and two nurses.

 Meanwhile a total of 28 medics have succumbed to the novel virus across the country, said the doctors’ union. It is to be noted that Punjab’s coronavirus tally has reached 27,850 cases, with 7,116 recoveries and 540 deaths so far.