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Eid ul Fitr: a gift of fasting

MUHAMMAD FUZAIL JAVED   There are two key Eid’s (Celebration Festivals) in Islam: Eid-ul-Fitr, which signifies the completion of theHoly Month of RamadanEid-ul-Adha, the greater Eid, which follows the completion of the annual Hajj


Muhammad Fuzail Javed We all are familiar with the fact that the world has become a global village. Today, we are living in a society that comprises of various ethnicities and cultures. It is no denying the fact that there are several…

Solving food problem

The healthy survival of humans is the first and foremost precondition for the development, progress and advancement of any country as ailing and weak people can never be capable to carry their country on the…

Women empowerment and Aurat march

Women's empowerment means promoting a positive self-image of women, their capability to regulate their own choices, and their right to create change in society for others and themselves. The trend of "Aurat March" is very common…