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Hang On ! Stop “over-thinking”

Sana Khan Nadeem Novera was lost , probably strung up . The mood was out of control. This started just after the breakout of pandemic ,the Corona disaster. She has been working in a bank as an IT resource person ;but due to the fear

The Qalandar for his Sehwan

The Mehran Valley holds the honour and privilege to be blessed with the light of religion when the message of Islam reached this land, making Sindh the ‘gateway of Islam’ in the entire region. Our ancestors built a deep connection to religion.

Tips to Learn a Foreign Language

- Faiza Zameer Nowadays, it has become more important than ever to learn a foreign language with increasing global interactions. Being bilingual or multilingual will open doorways and make an individual more valuable for employers as

Jammu & Kashmir, another Palestine?

By: Syed Jazib Shamim In another act of blatant violation of human rights, Indian government introduces domicile law in Kashmir replicating Israeli model of illegal occupation in Palestine The fascist Indian regime led by Prime Minister