Afghan ambassador thanks Pakistan for reopening Torkham, Chaman borders

Afghanistan Ambassador to Pakistan Atif Mashal praised the decision of the Pakistani government for agreeing to resume imports from Afghanistan to Pakistan via Torkham and Chaman borders from June 22 and the continuation of imports and exports from Ghulam Khan crossing.

The Afghan envoy said in his Twitter messages that the decision to reopen border crossings was taken in the last meeting of Pakistan-Afghanistan steering committee. He added that Ghulam Khan border crossing will be used for bilateral trade, whereas, both sides will finalise a strategy to make it as transit route at earliest.

It is noteworthy to mention here that the Friendship Gate (Bab-i-Dosti) at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing will be reopened for bilateral trade from June 22 which will resume the imports to Pakistan from Afghanistan after a four-month closure. Moreover, the Pakistani consulate assured the Afghan traders in Kandahar regarding the latest decisions.