Afghan Taliban exposes India’s anti-Pakistan activities from Afghanistan, Lakhani

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf senior Leader Hunaid Lakhani said that the Afghan Taliban exposed India’s anti-Pakistan activities using Afghan lands.

According to the details, Mr. Hunaid Lakhani expressed his opinion in response to the statement issued by Abbas Stanikzai – Chief of Taliban’s Political group about Indian negative role in Afghanistan.

Yesterday, the Chief politician from the Taliban, Abbas Stanikzai said in an interview, “India has always played a negative role in Afghanistan. India supported traitors in the country.”

The statement issued by Taliban official has caused waves in observers who have long warned of India’s insincere interest in Afghanistan to destabilize the region.

Lakhani further stated that India is isolated in international politics due to its atrocities in Kashmir and its negative role against neigbouring countries. Afghan Taliban has unveiled Indian brutal face to the world.

He also said that India has long been involved in anti-Pakistan activities from Afghanistan and use Afghan elements for its heinous crime.

India is furious because of the Pakistan’s leading role in US-Taliban peace talks, which is equally recognized across the globe, the politician and philanthropist.