Army deployment and strong enforcement improve implementation of SOPs

NCOC chief Asad Omar released details of SOP compliance.

Releasing details on Twitter, Asad Omar said that there has been a significant improvement in the implementation of SOPs and strong enforcement measures, including the deployment of the army, have improved SOPs.

He said that the average compliance of SOPs at the national level has doubled, the compliance of SOPs at the national level was 34% on April 25 and 68% on May 3, while the level of compliance of SOPs was maintained till Eid. And it needs to be sustained.

Asad Umar said that the highest implementation of SOPs till May 3 was 88% in the federation and the lowest implementation of SOPs was 45% in Sindh, while in Punjab it was 69%, in KP66 and in Balochistan 63%.

The Federal Minister said that secondly, 82% implementation of SOPs in Azad Kashmir and 62% implementation of Corona SOP in Gilgit-Baltistan.