Pakistani embassies need to do more for Pakistani diaspora: PM Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed Pakistani embassies across the globe to improve their performance and do more for facilitating Pakistani diaspora around the world.

In his virtual address to diplomats stationed at Pakistani embassies around the world, PM Imran Khan reprimanded diplomats and embassy staff over mistreatment of oversees Pakistanis.

“Pakistani embassies cannot continue to function the way they have been functioning. We wish for their treatment of overseas Pakistanis to improve,” said the prime minister.

Terming Pakistani expats as an ‘asset’, the premier issued strict directions to felicitate Pakistani diaspora around the world and that they should be provided every possible assistance regarding a wide range of issues.

Expressing his displeasure over complaints regarding Pakistani embassies in Saudi Arabia and UAE, PM Imran Khan noted that indifferent attitude of diplomats and embassy staff towards oversees Pakistanis in these countries is ‘shocking and unforgivable’.

The prime minister also directed Pakistani ambassadors to work on bringing foreign direct investments (FDI) to Pakistan.

Embassies’ performance will be evaluated regarding their success and failure pertaining to FDI, he said.

It is to be noted that earlier, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia – Raja Ali Ejaz was replaced by Lt Gen Bilal Akbar (retd) after reports surfaced indicating mistreatment of Pakistani diaspora.

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