Reading the book of life

From the very first day a child opens his eyes in this mundane world, the process of observing the life around him begins. At around age of seven different aspects of life start unraveling themselves to him . 
As he gets older, he forms his own particular viewpoint based on his personal observations and makes judgments about other people and things accordingly.
Thus, time keeps up its journey and after around two decades of his life, going through his childhood and teenage experiences and observations his view about life take a concrete shape.
It must be remembered that in this heavily populous world, every single person is a micro-universe within himself. Physically or mentally no two individuals can be alike. Therefore, every person views life from his own angle .As it is a common human folly that everyone considers his viewpoint almost infallible, taking himself as the wisest one . Ironically, he uses his self claimed wisdom to poke his nose, unnecessarily, in other people’s matters and push his unsolicited advice to them.
But life , the biggest teacher has got its own unique ways of teaching. It gives lemons to everyone at one or another stage of life as per one’s tolerance level. It depends upon the individual concerned as to how he tackles and resolves it.
It has been general phenomenon of life that a person intends something, makes efforts but gets something other than other than he wanted to achieve, matching with famous proverb: man proposes , God disposes.
It has been an inept desire in human beings to yearn for high standard things in his life. But, mostly fails to get it, except, extraordinary, hardworking souls who through their untiring efforts succeed to achieve their aspired goals .
Achieving high standards is one thing and maintaining it is something very difficult, causing a lot of headache to the person concerned.
On the flip side, if you go for simple life, you have a peaceful and smooth sailing in the sea of life. But, in that case, the status adorers worshippers, won’t spare single chance to degrade and demoralize you, everyone with his own piece of advice. Someone , telling you to think positive and wait for good days to come and others suggesting you not to take life that much lightly and be mentally prepared to face probable occurrence of hard days in your life.
Therefore, the best option for one is to listen to all but follow ones own decisions in order to avoid the resulting confusion. One should opt for a life track which, though may not be of high standards, but must be productive and helpful for him and others .
As life is totally unpredictable, so why to worry about it? Just embrace every moment and every phase as life throws it at you. Learn from it and just laugh at life’s irony. Just make sure to keep yourself busy to avoid any sort of interruption of negativity in your life.