Clinical trials for plasma therapy approved

Islamabad: The government has issued an approval for conducting clinical trials of plasma therapy and developing an ingredient of chloroquine to treat the coronavirus, to the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, on Wednesday.

Chairman National Institute of Blood Disease, Dr. Tahir Shamsi had filed an application requesting the government to allow the recovered patients to donate their plasma as their convalescent plasma has antibodies against the COVID-19.

According to Mr. Tahir, plasma therapy is passive immunity in which plasma of recovered patients will be injected into the blood of patients to increase the production of antibodies that could recover the patient.

Meanwhile, the central licensing board permitted the pharmaceutical companies to produce chloroquine phosphate, an active ingredient of the choloroquine- anti malarial drug which has been considered as medicine to treat the pandemic.

The spokesperson of DRAP said that, “DRAP is working day and night to ensure availability of requisite items to SARS-COV 2 infected patients, healthcare professionals, and the general public for the purposes of symptomatic and supportive treatment and personal protection.”