Corona virus: What will be the SOP’s during Muharram Majalis and parade’s

The devout professors of different school of thoughts and federal government on Tuesday connects to a consensus over the SOP’s to diminish the layout of coronavirus in duration of Muharram parade’s.

The informatory meeting, conducted by Minister for Religious and Interfaith Harmony Noor ul Haq Qadri – accord upon the SOP’s, claimed a press release.

The spokesperson of ministries of interior – health, and district administration of Islamabad capital territory (ICT) have also attended the meeting.

The SOP’s which were agreeably concluded in the meeting are:

  • Only licensed and the traditional parades would be permitted.
  • Use of sanitizers frequently and wearing masks is considered mandatory.
  • There will not be any use of common glasses but the disposable one’s during the Majalis and processions.
  • There should be a minimum number of members attending an event at a time.
  • Majalis should be brief.
  • Aged persons won’t be allowed to attend the events.
  • The parades would only be stopped at the massive airy and spacious locations – otherwise they won’t.
  • To ensure the follow up of the SOP’s – there will be volunteers assigned for every processions.
  • Marks of social distancing would be made and followed strictly.
  • Management will offer masks at every entrance and the person roaming without masks will not be allowed at any expense.
  • Use of carpets will be forbid.
  • Handshakes, take away food and hugging will be forbidden.
  • The Zakareen’s covid-19 tests should be made mandatory and only those who testing negative will be permitted to manage Majalis.
  • In closed doors, the use of air conditioners should be prohibited.
  • The mourners shouldn’t be permitted to touch the Alam (flag), Taazia and Shabih.
  • Condemning the combatants at the massive gatherings should be avoided.