Drive-in cinema culture to be revived in Karachi

Not so many people knew that Karachi was the pivot of grill cinema culture at 1980s. Drive-in cinemas outweigh the city at the 80s at the heritage locations of Saddar and Korangi.

Karachi is going to re-live the heritage culture of drive-in cinemas in the upcoming days, at the locations of village restaurants close by Avari towers.

In this lethal era of corona virus and suffering vacant days, it’d be an amazing treasure for the citizens of the city of lights – Karachi.

Besides movies, you’d get to cherish delectable barbeque food, while watching movies. The SOP’s will be performed strictly, so there’s no need of agitation during the cinema-hours. There would be antibacterial sprays, and all the high standard safety measures, for the protection of the civilians.

The drive-in cinema would be unfastened during 5pm to 10pm at weekdays of Monday till Friday.

The drive-in would be playing old classical films precedent to Charlie Chaplin, 3 stooges and Laurel and hardy.

People are admiring this vintage idea of re-living the old culture and the nostalgia related to the 80s era. They want cinema-houses to emulate. This is one great esteem for people to enjoy their time in the safe premises of their own cars – while on the contrary enjoying delicious food.

Alongside this, people are requesting to re-open the cinemas with following all the safety measures, together with two-seat distance and the manoeuvre of disinfectant sprays and sanitizers.