FM Qureshi challenges Indian defence minister on IoK issue

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday while responding to a statement by Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said it was a misconception that Kashmiris stood with New Delhi.

“We were expecting that after the global pandemic, India would ease the brutal lockdown and would reduce the oppression in the held region of Kasmir but nothing like that happened.”

Rejecting the statement by Singh, Qureshi said that Kashmiris despised the Indian government for its policies and now more than ever.

“If he [Indian Defence Minister] thinks that Kashmiris are with him, then I invite him to come to Muzaffarabad, come there and see how many Kashmiris agree with him,” Qureshi said, adding that the Indian minister should invite Pakistani officials to Srinagar to see the true picture.

He added that Modi-led regime was suffering from misunderstanding, thus, things will clear-out after seeking the opinions of Kashmiris on the matter.