Google drones delivering books to the students

An air delivery service by google, named Wings delivering library books to the students living in Christiansburg, Virginia – US.

It is a shocking whimsical news for the admirers of the video games like Animal Crossing – New Horizons – now one can knock down books hoisting in the air.

Google’s parent company Alphabet – manages an experimental drone air delivery service called Wing – that has started doing a great job to deliver books all around the US in the matter of minutes.

The kids who needed to accomplish their summer reading goals during locked down – had took advantage of this spectacular opportunity by receiving and reading as much books as they planned for their summer to be reading lists.

According to a librarian, who works for Montgomery County School said: “The kids are going to be just thrilled to learn that they are the first in the world to have such an occasion of receiving library books through drones”.