Govt apex of two years’ accomplishment report

Cabinet members communicated to the media on Tuesday to culminate the government’s accomplishment as PTI since it’s been two years it took over the hold back of the country.

Stating after information minister Shibli Faraz, foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi declared that the Indian government had cut out to isolate Pakistan internationally – adding that the “the narrative has shifted on Kashmir” and that the people of the occupied possession will get the right to their sovereignty.

The foreign minister pointed how Prime Minister Imran Khan in his first speech as Pakistan’s pre-eminent – had highlighted the affair of occupied Kashmir.

“You can differentiate the speeches of Nawaz Sharif and before that, Asif Zardari at the UN and perceive for your own self that how often the word Kashmir has been used in their speeches”. He claimed.

Putting light on the presentation of the finance ministry, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Finance Abdul Hafeez Shaikh declared that the roads of challenges were faced by Pakistan – when the government came into capability.

The Finance advisor claimed that the government of Pakistan – military and civil supervision took the edge off their budgets in its tender to practice solemnity in the times of dilemma.