PM Imran Khan stresses on importance of making Pakistan self-sufficient in food crops

Dera Ghazi Khan: Prime Minister Imran Khan Thursday highlighted the importance of making Pakistan self-sufficient in food crops, adding that it was necessary to ensure the country’s huge population keeps getting fed. 

The prime minister was addressing a Kissan Card ceremony in Dera Ghazi Khan where he said that Pakistan’s already large population was growing at a rapid pace. 

Speaking about the farmers’ issues in Pakistan, the prime minister said they were making money for the first time during the incumbent government’s tenure. 

“We [PTI-led government] pressurised the sugar mafia to release payments to farmers which they were previously withholding,” he said.

However, he lamented that Pakistan had to import wheat from abroad despite growing a huge amount of food crops. 

“When prices of food crops across the globe rose, since we are also importing them from countries, inflation surged in Pakistan,” he said. “Today, where we stand in terms of population, we have to focus on primary education and basic health because these two keep a population from growing astronomically,” he added. 

PM Imran Khan said that his government was now planning to make Pakistan self-sufficient in food crops and would ensure maximum storage in water. 

“We will do this so that whenever food prices increase around the world, Pakistanis here can eat daal,” he said.

‘I don’t use Islam for my personal gain’

The prime minister began his address by saying that he is “not one of those people who use Islam for my personal gain”, adding that he has studied Islamic history and the life of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). 

He urged students to study the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), adding that Pakistanis did not study Islam in-depth and learn from the lessons of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) due to which the country was in crisis. 

“Allah has sent the Holy Quran for our salvation. It is for your betterment,” he said. 

PM Imran Khan said he would try to “change the nation”, adding that his government will defeat the mafias that were against Pakistan’s interests.