Sindh government asks for an apology over inconvenience due to rain

Sindh Minister for local bodies Nasir Hussain Shah asked for an apology on behalf of Sindh government over the inconvenience faced by a citizen of Karachi.

The Minister said in a statement that we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the rains. It is the responsibility of the government to help the people.

The situation has improved due to timely action. All the stake holders are Placed on board, received complaints due to water in some places but timely efforts improved the situation, friends of the media visited the city with us yesterday, we also removed stones from the drains, we have videos of cleaning the drains, he added

We have shown you the truth. The Chief Minister of Sindh has issued a special grant for the drains of DMCs.

We are trying our best to provide relief to the people and stop those who obstruct us. We invite all of us to work together. Arrangements have been made for the entire province.

Funds have also been released for the monsoon. Strict action will be taken against road cutters legally, media should point out, Sindh government cannot allow any illegal activities, Mayor Karachi, all chairmen are in touch, conspiracies against Sindh government are not new, the situation in Karachi today is better than in the past which is the work of Sindh government.

We don’t mind anyone’s words; we warn those who desecrate Zulfiqar Bhutto’s image.