Torkham, Chaman borders to open three times a week from April 10

Islamabad: Federal government, on Wednesday, announced that Torkham and Chaman border crossings with Afghanistan will be open and operational three times a week to allow cargo a sustainable supply of goods and essential items to the neighbouring landlock country amid COVID-19 outbreak.

According to Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the decision to open border crossings has been taken in wake of the request of Afghan government on humanitarian grounds.

According to the statement issued by foreign ministry spokesperson, “Continuing our support to Afghan brethren and on special request from Govt. of Afghanistan, we are allowing cargo trucks and containers as per mutually agreed protocols to cross-over into Afghanistan from Chaman and Torkham crossing points thrice a week (Mon,Wed & Fri) from 10 April.”
“We remain in solidarity with our Afghan brethren at this time of global pandemic,” it added.

Pakistan’s border crossings with neighbouring Iran and Afghanistan have been closed for more than a month due to COVID-19 outbreak in the region.
Prior to this, on Monday, Pakistani authorities had opened Chaman and Torkham crossings to allow the exit of Afghan nationals back to their homeland who were stranded in Pakistan due to travel restrictions imposed by the government as part of the lockdown directives.