10-year old girl killed by crocodile in Sukkur, Sindh

A 10-year old girl is reported to have been killed by crocodile in Sukkur, Sindh.

As per the details, Zahida Khaskheli a 10-year old girl was reportedly killed by a crocodile near Sukkur’s Nara Canal on Friday.

Zahida’s parents have stated that their daughter was washing clothes with other children near Nara canal and later fell in the water while playing.

The children she was playing with called for help but their efforts went in vain and she was killed by a crocodile, they added.

Zahida’s body hasn’t been found even after more than 20 hours of the incident.

Local divers and rescue workers have been trying to recover Zahida’s body.

According to local residents the crocodile that purportedly attacked and killed Zahida was approximately 16 feet in length.

Meanwhile Wildlife Department has issued warning regarding a large number of these amphibious predators in the water, advising  people to abstain from going in the water and exercise necessary caution. Widlife Department teams have also initiated their search for the killer crocodile.