166 Pakistani pilots in 10 countries have authentic credentials: Aviation Division

Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA), has verified the credentials of 166 Pakistani pilot working in 10 countries after being approached by various foreign authorities on the issue of dubious licenses.

According to PCCA, officials from UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bahrain, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait had approached Pakistan to verify and authenticate the credentials of 176 Pakistani pilots working in their aviation sector, of which 166 have been verified so far.

“166 of these have been validated as genuine and certified by the CAA Pakistan as having no anomaly,” said the statement issued by PCAA.

Meanwhile, the verification process of the remaining 10 pilots will be completed within the next week, the statement added.

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Furthermore, a total of 262 pilots have been identified as possible suspects for having dubious credentials by the Board of Inquiry, of which 28 have been grounded after the approval of the federal cabinet.

In addition to it, the process of validation of credentials of 76 pilots is already underway, meanwhile the screening process for remaining pilots is expected to soon be initiated as well.