85th Birth anniversary of a national man of courage MM Alam

Today is the eighty-fifth birth celebration of Pakistan’s air force intrepid hero MM Alam who had fight five Indian aircraft all by his possess.

The brave air force hero MM Alam who have gunned down five fighter aircraft of India in a row has been the honour of Pakistan air force since the battle of 1965. He is known as one brave hero of the nation and owned the third military award of Pakistan known as Star of courage. Today is his 85th birth anniversary and our country would remember his name and accomplishment till the day of judgement, with all of the love, respect and integrity.

Mohammad Mehmood Alam was born in India – Kolkatta at 1935 and after migration joined Pakistan air force in 1953. He did a remarkable and utterly impossible job that turned out to be a miracle – which made his mark in the heart of every Pakistani, after the patriotic combat of 1965 – that would be recalled until the end of the time. 

He told the whole scenario of that incident in his one interview after the undeniable victory of air force. That was a new day for Pakistan. I hope to see this whole invigoration and vitality to sacrifice everything on your beloved country – to follow those all past traditions, in the youth of next generation. Pakistan’s integrity is absolutely beyond doubt. Every nation of the third world faces several problems and Pakistan would never be going to overlook ever. Specially after being the blessed nation to have an amazing leader like Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

He got retired from Pakistan air force at 1982 – from the job of air commodore. He was very ill after that and dies in the year of 2013, 18th March – at the age of seventy-eight years.