A glimpse to the health care system of Pakistan

Scientia Pakistan – leading science magazine has launched its Bi-Monthly addition on the ‘healthcare system of Pakistan’.

Scientia Pakistan is one of the leading online Science magazines from Pakistan, which is highly recognized on the national and international level.

This edition covers Telemedicine, laboratory diagnostics, Tech influence, Medical research, Barriers in the healthcare system of Pakistan, and impacts of COVID-19.  featuring a few representative medical institutions and the contributions of basic elements of any healthcare system, i.e., physicians, pharmacists, and others.

The magazine analyzed in detail the role of DRAP and the testing conditions of Pakistan’s laboratories. Health budget, insight to low and middle-income countries, notable women in medical science, and philanthropic contribution to better healthcare facilities are also part of this edition.

Saadeqa Khan is the Editor in chief of Scientia and while talking to the Voice of Sindh, she said, “Cutting the chase, this edition is a complete documentation of Pakistan’s Healthcare System. Our problem is not lack of talent or recourses; Pakistan just lacks efficient and trustworthy management. According to the available statistics for the delivery of medical services in Pakistan, there is an entire absence of programs and initiatives for non-communicable diseases at provincial and federal levels. Almost 78% of the general population pays out of their pockets for medical treatment.”

“It is evident that the system is leaking at seams, yet our politicians are immobilized by ideology, fear of being voted out of the office. The Government’s poor healthcare policies resulted in the scarcity of choices regarding effective diagnostic and medical services. Something has to change, and it has to change quickly; otherwise, if another epidemic or virus outbreak hits the country shortly, the overloaded healthcare system will cripple,” Khan added.

In March 2020, when coronavirus hit Pakistan and statistics started marking COVID19 cases, realizing the severity of the situation, Scientia brought its edition on Virus-borne diseases that specifically cover CORONAVIRUS. The edition receives national and international appreciation and the US congress library selected it for their archives on the pandemic.