Afghan Jirga to decide upon Taliban prisoners’ release

Afghan government is set to convene grand Loyal Jirga of Tribal elders and representatives to decide over the issue of Taliban prisoners’ release on Friday (today).

Afghan government is set to host a grand Jirga (meeting) of prominent Afghans and tribal elders and representatives known as ‘Loyal Jirga’ in Kabul today to mull over the releasing of around 400 Afghan Taliban prisoners.

The development comes as there has been a growing discontent in domestic Afghan political sphere over the release of Taliban prisoners’ release as many of them are guilty of targeting Afghan security forces and civilians resulting in many casualties.

“These 400 are those who have been convicted in killings from two to 40 people, drug trafficking, those sentenced to death and involved in major crimes, including kidnapping,” said Sedid Seddiqi – a spokesperson for Afghan President.

As per the government sources, around 3,200 people are expected to attend the Loyal Jirga which will decide over the release of 400 Afghan Taliban prisoners.

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Afghan government has been resisting Taliban prisoners release claiming that it is an internal matter and United States has no authority over the matter.

However, US has continued its ‘pressure tactics’ to coerce Afghan government to adhere to US-Taliban Peace, of which prisoners’ release is an essential element.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a statement has said that though prisoners’ release in an ‘unpopular’ element of the peace deal, it will result in a sustainable ceasefire, peace and stability in the war torn country.

It is to be noted that Afghan Taliban have also released around 1,00 prisoners, whereas US and NATO forces have already begin their withdrawal in accordance with the US-Taliban Peace deal signed on February 29th earlier this year.