Burnes Road to be closed for vehicles from January 10

 Karachi’s famous food street, Burnes Road, will now closed for vehicles from January 10 in the evening time as this particular time span is allocated for pedestrians from 7 pm onwards.

According to a notification issued by the Additional Deputy Commissioner II, the decision will take effect from January 10, 2020.

As per the notification, Liaquat Highway, from Fresco to Court Road, will be closed for vehicles at 7 pm and traffic coming from Aram Bagh will be diverted to MA Jinnah Road and People’s Square.

The road from Fresco Chowk to Fatima Jinnah Women’s College would be designated for pedestrians, whereas residents of the area would be issued special stickers for their vehicles to enter, it added.

An area of the road will be allotted to deal with emergencies, the notification added.

Meanwhile, in order to stop food outlets from extending their operations in a way that blocks the way for pedestrians, markings have been made by the authorities.