Animal ‘rape’ incident reported in Lahore

In an abhorrent incident, a kitten is said to have succumbed after being ‘raped’ multiple times in Lahore.

According to details, a kitten was reported raped by a 15-year old boy, along with at least five other boys (his friends and cousins) for over a week in Lahore. The kitten eventually succumbed to severe medical complications on Monday.

The incident has been reported by a local girl who previously, had multiple times expressed her concerned about the kitten’s condition, and had even requested the family to hand over the animal – a request turned downed by the family.

As per the veterinarian’s report, the kitten had suffered severe internal trauma resulting in multiple organ failure and internal bleeding, its carcass was recovered from a dumpster nearby.

We have often heard about various types of torture to animals but this case is insane. NO words can describe how…

Posted by Awaz e Bezuban on Monday, 27 July 2020

The incident highlights the need for sex education for adolescents and teenagers to avoid such inhumane, repulsive and sickening incidents that are not only against moral and ethical codes, but are a violation of Islamic teachings and  principles which have stressed upon animal rights and the need to practice and show affection to animals in-general.