Arshad Mahmood allowed to serve as CEO PIA

Islamabad: Supreme Court has allowed Mr. Arshad Mahmood to serve as the CEO of PIA on temporary basis.

Hearing a case related to the appointment of Air Marshal Arshad Malik as PIA’s CEO, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmed stated that PIA is responsible for coronavirus outbreak in the country as it failed to establish and enforce effective screening measures on its flights.
“Should we close PIA as it is playing with the lives of people,” he said.

Earlier, Supreme Court had rejected the plea seeking approval of appointment Air Marshal Arshad Malik as PIA CEO.

Mr. Arshad Malik had faced severe criticism as he misused his powers to appoint four air vice marshals, three wing commanders and one flight lieutenant.

The appointment of Air Marshal Arshad Malik as PIA’s CEO has been opposed on the grounds that he has no prior experience of working in an airline and hence does not fulfill the criteria for the designated post.