Asim Jofa to design protective gear for medics

KARACHI: Asif Jofa, a renowned fashion designer of Pakistan, has announced to have successfully design a sample for protective gear suit for doctors and medics to keep them safe from the coronavirus pandemic.

The designer collaborated with Jinnah Post-graduate Medical Center to create the suit. Mr. Jofa posted a video on Twitter announcing that, “In the wake of all this, it urged me to step up and help my fellow citizens in whatever capacity I can. Being a responsible Pakistani, I decided to make protective gear for frontline workers.”

Under the supervision of Dr. Seemi Jamali, Executive Director of JPMC, the suit was made by the team that meets all the safety standards outlined.

Asim added, “The suit is being made with PE material suitable for medical use. We are also researching on more materials which can be used.”

Country is in dire need of protective gear as well as masks in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.