Balochistan government to present its Rs 430 billion budget today

Balochistan government is set to present its Rs 430 billion provincial budget for the fiscal year 2020-21, today.

Finance Minister Zahoor Ahmed Buledi is expected to present Rs 430 billion provincial budget, of which sources claim that Rs 320 billion will be allocated for non-development spendings, whereas Rs 110 billion will be fixed for development expenditures.

Furthermore, sources say that the government intends to create 5,000 new jobs and the provision of loans to 600,000 youth of the province.

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In addition to it, Balochistan budget 2020-21, is expected to allocate Rs 55 billion and Rs 75 billion respectively, whereas additional Rs 12 billion will be allocated for fighting  various epidemic diseases.

Meanwhile, a sum of Rs 50 billion is expected to be fixed for law and order, with Rs 30 billion and Rs 20 billion embarked for pensions and agriculture sector respectively.