Ban on PUBG – record demanded from PTA

Islamabad high court has demanded the record of (PUBG ban) from PTA – till 13th of July.

Islamabad high court’s justice Amir Farooq had a hearing about the (PUBG) game control authority in Pakistan regarding the concern of the temporary ban of PUBG, in Pakistan.

The prosecutor said that we haven’t received any complaint nor PTA has given us any notice due to the hyped concern of temporary ban. He said I’d join the board on 9th July, with PTA to the unsettled application.

The lawyer of PTA has told the court that regarding to the Lahore’s police letter, we witnessed that the game was creating so much distress and depression among the youth, that has been turned out in the face of horrible suicide cases. PTA has started the act against the situation and an email has been sent to the company – concerning the affair.

During the hearing, justice Amir Farooq gave remarks that temporary ban is just because of all the suicide cases, which have occurred in the past days. Want to make understand PTA that the game has been become deadly? We want to declare that the order of temporary ban has taken seriously on the basis of law orders or not?

It’d be live until next Monday, that company has received the right of coming in front for legal hearing or not? The case is under hearing – without taken effect of the case – give an order concerning the company’s request. Islamabad high court have declined the hearing – till 13th of July, due to the subject of submission of concerned evidence.