Bilawal challenges taken over of three hospitals by the federal government

Pakistan People’s Party Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari challenged the federal government if they have a single hospital meets the standards of NICVID.

The PPP Chairperson addressed a press conference on Saturday and said the PTI government has given preference to development over health at a time when we are fighting a pandemic.

He said Federal’s move for taking the charge of three best hospitals managed by Sindh government is a political attempt.  “I challenge the government to show me one government hospital that is offering the same quality treatment as the NICVD,” Bilawal added.

Bilawal also said that the federal government is also trying to cut down the NFC award. The NFC Award will be discussed with other opposition parties during an All Parties Conference. “A statement on it will be issued after that.”

The PPP chairperson said during presser, the federal government even reduced the budgets of the provinces and expects us to fight a pandemic on our own. “Sindh’s budget has been reduced by Rs229 billion and Punjab’s by Rs400 billion.” This was the time to support the provincial governments as we have never faced a challenge this big before, said Bilawal.

Pakistan People’s party had raised this issue in the National Assembly. The government should be working on increasing the health facilities and provide relief to the people. “During a pandemic, the government is more interested in repairing roads,” Bilawal added.

Bhutto also criticized the federal government about the way they are dealing with the locust attack. He said Pakistan is facing the nastiest form of locust incursion in 25 years. We have known about it for a year now, he said. “We appeal to them to take it seriously and help our farmers. This is a difficult situation.”