Four out of 10 British adults brush teeth once a week


Four out of 10 British adults brush their teeth only once a week, according to a survey by Hive.

Of those surveyed, 30% of adults between ages 25 and 34, admitted that they normally forget to brush their teeth.

More shocking results reveal that one in four people may be sharing a toothbrush. Researchers note that this can increase the risk of spreading gum disease to others, considering toothbrushes garner plaque and bacteria.

Further, 36% have never used mouthwash in their life, while one in three don’t have a dental hygienist believed to be because Brits don’t typically share their dentist’s contact with others.

Almost half (49%) go to the dentist more than four times per year which is not good for hygiene, according to dentists. Dentists say that people should only visit twice a year.

Luckily, not all findings suggest Brits have poor hygiene habits 63 per cent brush their teeth three times a day, which is more than the recommended average. Brushing teeth frequently can lower the risk of heart failure and fibrillation.