Bundal Islands: PM advises governor to resolve matters with Sindh govt

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has reportedly met Thursday Prime Minister Imran Khan in the PM House where the two leaders discussed the one-point agenda of islands development along Karachi’s coast.

PM has advised the governor to resolve long-overdue matters with the Sindh government over Bundal twin islands so the development works can begin, according to the details reported by sources.

The islands hold key importance in terms of tourism and aesthetics of Karachi, acknowledged the governor in the meeting today, sources confirmed.

Governor Sindh Ismail said the sites will make for plenty of income sources for many people in the future, referring to post-development Bundal Islands.

It may be noted that earlier, the PM said that Bundal Island was an important project for Karachi owing to rising issues faced by the city, expanding manifold with the passage of the time.

“Expansion in the city has caused a rise in pollution,” he said while speaking to media in Lahore adding that the Bundal Island project was aimed at saving the city.

Further speaking over the importance of Ravi River Project for Lahore, he said that the green cover of the provincial capital of Punjab has witnessed a decline by 70 percent, which has caused rising pollution besides water scarcity issues in the city.

“Ravi River Project will save Lahore while Bundal Island would save Karachi,” Imran Khan said adding that the former would resolve water scarcity issues while the latter would save agricultural land.