CAIE backtracks on grading policy, to announce new grades after severe public dissent

The Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) has backtracked on its grading policy announcing to issue new grades after severe public dissent and uproar over students’ grades.

British government on Monday, finally succumbed to the public pressure and outcry over the results of A and O-level students issued by CAIE under its algorithm based prediction method, which in fact had unreasonable lowered the grades of around 40 per cent of students.

“I am sorry for the distress this has caused young people and their parents, but hope this announcement will now provide the certainty and reassurance they deserve,” said British Education Secretary Gavin Williamson.

The CAIE has announced to issue new results and the grades will as per the recommendations of their teachers who had had predicted for them based on past performance.

Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood on Tuesday (today) took to social media to announce the development.

“Great news. Our tireless effort has been successful. Cambridge has decided that grades for June 2020 would not be less than predicted grades sent by schools. Plus where a grade issued last week was higher than predicted grade, the higher grade will stand,” he tweeted.

Shafqat Mahmood also highlighted that to remove any uncertainty the Cambridge have asked schools to inform students of predicted grades sent to Cambridge.

Meanwhile, the CAIE officials have stated that they will issue new grades as soon as possible and will post the new grades to Cambridge International Direct.

“We are very grateful to schools for working with us so patiently throughout this challenging period. We will update schools further on this process on Wednesday 19 August 2020,” said the statement issued by CAIE.