Cannibal brothers released after serving 12 years in Bhakkar jail

Cannibal brothers released after serving 12 years of their punishment in jail, here on Monday.

According to the details, Cannibal brothers Muhammad Farman Ali and Muhammad Arif Ali were arrested several years ago, they were apprehended red-handed in Bhakkar.

The cannibal brothers were arrested twice under the same charge. Initially they were arrested in April 2011 and sentenced to only two years in jail due to the absence of any law and then released when their sentence ended.

Later, they were arrested in April, 2014 when they were cooking meat of a girl in their house. They later confessed to their crime.

Though the cannibal brothers have served their sentence, but locals are not ready to accept them for their heinous crime.

After their release, they were handed over to their nephew Kamran and brother Intizar and shifted to Lahore amid any public reaction they could face in the same area, they used to steal corpses from the local graveyard of Bhakkar.