Captain Adeel Rana – first ever Muslim of Pakistani origin to be appointed as a NYPD commanding officer

In a first, Adeel Rana, a Pakistani-American has become the first Muslim to be appointed as New York Police Department (NYPD) commanding officer.

Captain Adeel Rana on July 7th, became the first ever Muslim and Pakistani-American to head a NYPD precinct after being appointed as its Commanding Officer.

Fausto Pichardo – NYPD Chief of Patrol took to social media to announce the appointment of Captain Adeel Rana, and congratulated him on making history as the first ever Muslim and Pakistani-American precinct commander.

Captain Adeel Rana also expressed his gratitude and acknowledged the significance of a Muslim prescient commander.

“Together we can make a difference. It is a historical event and great day for America,” he noted.

Furthermore, local representative of 48th Council District  – Councilman Deutsch also congratulated Captain Adeel Rana on his appointment as a NYPD commanding officer.

“Captain Rana is the first ever Muslim-American to head up an NYPD precinct. I know he will do our city proud,” he tweeted.