Celebrities demand action over mistreatment of bear at Karachi Zoo

Celebrities and netizens are demanding action over the mistreatment of a bear at Karachi Zoo after its video went viral on social media.

Renowned television actress Ushna Shah took to social media to criticize Zoo officials for their failure to provide safe and secure environment to the animals.

Shah further contended that animals must not be in captivation and should be free in their native habitat and environment.

She argued that visiting Zoos and animal shows is in-fact a way of supporting animal cruelty and people must do their part against such activities.

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Salam, Pehlee doh videos hein Karachi Zoo mein eik reech kee jo garmee mein tarap raha hei. Teesri image hei eik reech kee jo apnay kudratee mohawl mein hei. JaanwaroN ki numaish unkey saath na-insaafi hei aur unn pey shadeed Zulm hei. Agar janwar dekhne ka shoq hei toh unn key mohowl mein jaa key dekhna chahiye. Jab aap Zoo jaatey hein toh aap inki takleef ka hissa bantey hein. Eisee jagoN ko band karwa deina chahiye. Zoo eik Eisee jail hei jahaN sab Qaidee bey-gunah hein. Please Karachi Zoo, aur apney har sheher ley zoo key khilaaf apni local government ko likhiye aur in bey-rehem idaaroN ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye. Zoo aur marine-animal shows ko bilkul bhee support matt keejiye aur apney dostoN aur rishtaydaroN ko bhee samjhayein key janwaroN ki numaish karna aur dekhna shadeed bey-rehmi hei. Jangli janwaroN ko unkey mohol mein sey nikaal key chottay enclosures yah phir pinjroN mein rakhna SHADEED ZULM hei. Allah ney jinko jungle aur pahar diye, Jinko darya aur samundar diye aur Jinko urney Key liye khula Asmaan diya.. unko qaid kar key rakhna Eik nihayat bhayanak harkat hei jo sirf insaan karta hei. Iss haqeeqat pey ghaur keejiye, apney dil mein rehem aur narmee peida kee jiye aur qudrat key khilaaf iss harkat ko khatam keejiye. Insan insaniyat bhool chukey hein, bey-zubaan key liye awaaz uthayiye. Inki bhee aah lagtee hei. @karachi_zoo_incompetence #karachizoo #karachi #cityofkarachi @wwfpak @wwf #animalabuseinpakistan #brownbearkarachi #brownbear #bearabuse #ushnashah #ushna

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Furthermore, Armeena Rana Khan – a Pakistani Canadian film and television actress and model, took to twitter to demand all Zoo animals to be transferred to sanctuaries.

“These creatures belong in the wild not in cages for our perverse entertainment,” she tweeted.

Armeena Khan also highlighted the incident of a brown bear panting due to extreme heat and lack of necessary relevant measures at Karachi Zoo.

“This poor bear is thirsty, extremely hot and probably very, very hungry. The poor creature will die if something isn’t done for it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani has maintained that the bear at Karachi Zoo is safe and in healthy condition.