China greenlights its first domestic COVID-19 vaccine

China is said to have approved its first COVID-19 vaccine which has been domestically produced.

As per details, Chinese government has approved its first COVID-19 vaccine developed by Beijing Biological Products Institute under a subsidiary, China National Biotec Group (CNBG).

The vaccine, in its Phase 2 clinical trials had reflected 79.34 % efficacy with 99.52 % antibody positive conversion rate.

UAE and Bahrain have already approved the Chinese vaccine by China’s CNBG – a subsidiary of state backed pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm.

According to Yang Xiaoming – Chairperson CNBG, people who have received the vaccine have experienced minor side effects including redness, fever, muscular soreness, sickness and headache.

Pakistan has also announced to purchase 1.2 million doses of the Chinese vaccine.

State owned Global Times has reported that around 1 million people have received Sinopharm’s two inactivated COVID-19 vaccine. Around 70,000 people have volunteered in the Phase 3 Clinical trials across 10 countries.