China lauds Pakistan’s support on Hong Kong issue

China in a statement, has lauded Pakistan’s principle stance and continued support on Hong Kong issue.

During General Debate of the Third Committee of the 75th UN General Assembly a day earlier on Friday, China appreciated Pakistan and other nations for their principle stance and support over Hong Kong issue in China’s favor.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying in a statement, expressed gratitude to Pakistan and all these countries for speaking out for justice.

“Their support once again proved that justice will always prevail and a small number of western countries who attempted to smear China under the pretext of Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues failed again,” read the official statement.

The Chinese spokesperson also highlighted that around 70 nations have voiced support for China over Hong Kong and Xinjiang issues; 57 countries have co-signed a joint statement on matters pertaining to Hong Kong, whereas 48 nations have issued similar joint-statement on Xinjiang.

The development comes as earlier; Pakistan had presented a joint statement on behalf of 55 other nations terming Hong Kong as an ‘internal matter’ of China which should not be interfered with.

“The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an inalienable part of China, and Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs that brook no interference by foreign forces,” said Munir Akram – Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

It is pertinent to know that China, in recent times has faced severe criticism from the West, primarily from United States and its European allies who have extensively raised their ‘concerns’ citing human rights violations in Hong Kong and Xinjiang by Chinese government.