Civilian government and armed forces on one page, commited to fight Coronavirus

By: Syed Jazib Shamim

With every passing day, the web of coronavirus pandemic has been growing deeper and deeper in the lands of Pakistan. The tally has increased to 1800 and 28 death has been reported but still, health is the second priority for the so-called educated public of Pakistan who are arguing in their bedrooms if Civil government and army are facing back of each other or they are withstanding in this tough time. Besides, there are our elites who are raising slogans that the government has been taking flawed steps and the mismanagement is going between the members of the decisionmaking institutions of the country in the amid of COVID-19.

No doubt, in the case of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the armed forces stand behind the PM, with the PM, and beside the PM. That’s the reason why the two go together in all conferences and visits. Moreover, the two always support each other. It is indeed in the best interest of the state to render support to the civilian government and Pakistan armed forces are doing it by not only endorsing government’s decisions but also supporting them in the implementation of lockdown strategy.

The federal government’s decision of incremental lockdown cannot be flawed or considered as mismanaged because the strategy has the inclusion of initiation of Tiger Youth Program to assist needy people of the country, provision of information about the virus through Messaging application, the formation of a committee of doctors to make the vaccine, utilization of the ventilators and testing kits made by the youth which are cheaper than international testing kits. Yet, the steps are not executed right now, they are going to be taken to lift the lockdown. Yes, it is true that lockdown is the only solution of a pandemic but is a developing country, like Pakistan, can

we afford to keep the industries closed for 20 to 30 days? United States of America is known to give loans and grants to underdeveloped and developing nations. The rich nation suffered worst that Wall Street saw the worst deceleration. USA can afford to see such days for a month but Pakistan’s major population is daily wagers, semi-skilled and unskilled workmen; unlike the US and China. Therefore, cooperation is required between the authorities and citizens. The government is going to launch testing kits and ventilators for cheap in the market soon. At that time, it will be the responsibility of citizens to buy them, use them and give importance to their health. The more there will be coordination, the more there will be chances to come out of the chains of COVID-19.

Developing countries are between developed and undeveloped countries; therefore, they have to apply a different set of tools to come out of the barrier but in every situation, citizens should cooperate with the government because the state is run by government and public, both. The more they trust each other and withstand with each other, the more the nation prosper and come out of this critical time too.