CM Sindh slams federal govt for considering Sindh a ‘colony’

Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah slammed the Centre for ‘considering the province to be a colony of Islamabad.’

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday, CM Sindh stating that the federal government had ‘unacceptably’ decided to carry out its development work in Sindh through a company called Sindh Infrastructure Development Company Limited (SIDCL).

CM said he had found discrepancies in the document for the next proposed Public Sector Development Programme (PDSP) previously and had received a revised document on Wednesday, showing that a separate federally-controlled company was formed to carry out the Centre’s development schemes in Sindh.

The CM said he was informed that the SIDCL had been set up by the centre through a revised document from the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) — a day after he had found discrepancies in the original one. The company was formed to carry out development schemes of the federal government in Sindh.

He stated that the provincial government had serious objections to SIDCL, asking why such companies had not been formed in other provinces where the federal government was making large investments.

Each of the other three provinces had been provided their respective funds to carry out the development work but for Sindh, a separate company was formed, Shah observed.

“This is quite surprising and a new thing for me,” he noted, adding that it was the first time he saw 22 schemes — 22 of which were for Sindh — being assigned to the Cabinet Division for implementation.

“The Cabinet Division of the federal government is not a development schemes executing agency,” he said.