Cops from all Police stations bound to help street crime victims

Additional IG Karachi announced remarkable reforms for the citizens suffering from street crime and emergency in police stations in Karachi.

 If there is an incident happened with a citizen at a place where the jurisdiction of two or three police stations meet, the citizen will be able to go to the nearest police station and register a case.

 In case of any emergency, the citizen will be able to get help from the nearest Police Mobile or Police Station.

 The SHO will be responsible to provide immediate assistance to the citizen in case of emergency and to register a case.

 This facility will not apply to cases under normal circumstances and miscellaneous nature.

 Additional IG Karachi has directed all SHOs posted in Karachi not to bother the street crime victims in determination of jurisdiction of Police Stations.

 If there is confusion between the police stations in committing a crime, a case will be registered in any one police station.

 In Karachi, the victim of emergency or street crime is having trouble in the dispute overdetermination of jurisdictions. Citizens should be provided every possible facility.