Coronavirus: Pakistan becomes 11th most effected country in the world

Pakistan, on Friday, became the 11th most effected country from COVID-19 coronavirus in the world.

According to John Hopkins University, USA, Pakistan has overtaken Italy becoming the 11th most effected country from coronavirus in the world.

As per the statistics released by National Command and Operational Center (NCOC),  Pakistan’s coronavirus tally stands at 243,599 cases with 5,085 casualties so far, whereas 149,092 have successfully recovered from the novel virus and 2,375 are in critical condition across the country.

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Province wise distribution of the cases show that Sindh has been the worst effected province so far, whereas Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) region has reported the lowest coronavirus tally.


100,900 total cases with 57,627 recoveries and 1,677 deaths.


85,261 cases with 52,641 recoveries and 1,972 deaths.


11,099 total cases, 6,931 recoveries and 125 deaths.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

29,406 cases, 19,503 recoveries and 1,063 deaths.


1,619 total cases, 1,290 recoveries and 34 reported casualties.


13,829 cases, 10,240 recoveries, 146 deaths.


1,485 total cases with 860 recoveries and 41 deaths so far.