COVID-19 is a reality, the human being needs to learn to live with

Entire world is busy fighting with the novel corona pandemic, some anti-Pakistan elements are spreading chaos and confusing laymen about the disease. At the beginning of this pandemic, these so-called activists were criticizing the federal government for the implementation of lockdown.

These pseudo-experts believe they are better thinker than the entire parliament, think tanks at the ministry of health and the Interior Ministry. Despite all their pressure, the government took time to plan their strategy, so the people of Pakistan can stock necessary food items and medicines and those who are working in different cities can return to their home town.

We have an example from our arch-rival neighbour – who immediately implement strict curfew that badly affects hundreds of thousands, living far away from their home town. People in India walked hundreds of kilometres, just to reach their home and many of them couldn’t make it.

In the meantime, Pakistan announces its lockdown days before imposing it, so people can get prepare for it, obviously, it was a crucial decision and the government have to think for everyone, not only the elite chaos generators, probably working on the payroll of anti-Pakistan actors.

Once the lockdown imposed, the propagators started crying on social media that the poor are dying, although there is no single event of death reported across the country because of hunger. Yes! The government doesn’t have the resources to feed everyone at home, but along with several philanthropist organizations I.e, Edhi foundation, Chippa foundation, JDC and several others, the government of Pakistan finally managed the scenario.

It is pertinent to mention that the government continuously pay wages of the government sector and also provide relief package for the poor. It was a private sector – which created all the fuss by not paying salaries. But these propaganda brigades never say a single word to them but instead, they keep criticizing for the lockdown.

Finally, Ramadhan came, and by using prayers, tarawih and Juloos, these propaganda setters and traders, compelled the government to remove lockdown by not paying wages to their employees.

In the end, the government decided to eliminate the lockdown as COVID-19 tally was under control. Before lifting up the lockdown, the government went into negotiations with all stakeholders and ask them if they can manage with SOPs.

In the meeting with government, all the stakeholders assured to follow precautionary measure but once the lockdown was lifted, people start taking the pandemic non-seriously and didn’t follow SOP’s, resulting a surge in the COVID-19 positive cases and Pakistan’s projectile finally crossed 100,000 patients with more than 2000 cases.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Imran address the nation and warned that it is still not the peak of the pandemic and it Pakistan will reach to its peak at the end of July or at the beginning of August if People of Pakistan continually take the disease non seriously.

However, these foreign-funded mouthpieces are again criticizing the Prime Minister and the government for informing people in advance and accusing of the incompetence, why don’t these people ask their American and Indian Masters for more than 100,000 deaths in the U.S and surge in COVID cases and casualties in India despite the strict and long curfew.

People need to understand that COVID – 19 is a new world reality and the entire human being have to learn to live with it.