COVID – 19 patient died in India after family mistakenly unplugged the ventilator

A patient infected with the novel coronavirus in India’s Rajasthan state lost his life when his family members mistakenly disconnected the ventilator to plug in the air cooler.

Indian media sources said, the family members of the patient of COVID – 19, who came to meet him in the hospital, mistakenly unplugged the ventilator to turn on the cooler that they had brought from outside.

Hospital authorities said the ventilator worked for some time on battery but then collapsed, left the patient critical. This unfortunate incident happened on June 15 the Maharao Bhimsingh Hospital (MBS) hospital in Rajasthan’s Kota district.

Indian Police say a committee was formed soon to probe the issue, after the death was reported, and it will submit its report today.

However, the doctors present on the duty that day claimed that they were reported of the patient’s critical condition they could not save his life. They also claimed that the relatives of the deceased also attacked the resident doctors after the patient died.